Zero To Hero is a one of a kind website coaching program that will not only take up what WordPress is and how to create a website thru WordPress but will also tackle how to create a website in and  

This course will also cover branding as its foundations and will give you, the course take, an idea of why branding is important in creating a website and how to inject branding in website making.


Fearless, she tells you stuff as it is, Committed to her work and her word, she means what she says and says what she means. Her confidence inspires you to be the same as a solopreneur. As a coach, she shares what she knows as she believes there is more than enough clients for everyone, and she's genuinely happy for other people's success.

Claire Felices

I believe in Coach Rea's capabilities. If she says she can do this, she really can. And, one day, I'm going to enroll in her class and find out what's her secret to success. I remember her telling people that she increased her rate in just a few days. Not one week or a month. In a matter of days. You should ask her about that. That was really incredible. Thank you, Ms. Rea, for your support and sharing your

knowledge with others.

Emily Tan-Cal

It’s time that you take the first step in learning this well-sought after skill and use it to build your business and that of your client’s!!!!

Hi! I'm Rea Yadao

I am the Founder of Digital Ninjas and REA Solutions where we provide remote executive assistant services and back office solutions to clients located around the globe since 2013. Prior to working online, I have 10 years experience working in the BPO industry providing customer care and technical support wherein 6 of these years were done as a Team Leader.

I am also an Online Jobs Coach and creator of the REA Virtuoso Training Program that teaches online freelancers on how to provide excellent administrative services to their clients. My students regard the course and our Facebook group as a place of learning and one of the most supportive places online. 

Reasons Why You Want to Learn How to Create Websites:

  1. You can attract more clients and bring new business that you never had before.
  2. Increase your influence and internet presence.
  3. It makes you universally available.
  4. Having a website means you can always be there for your clients or customers. It makes you  accessible 24/7.
  5. You can connect your blog to your website thus increasing your exposure.

Coach Rea's advises are very helpful and educational. I wish there'll be more people like you. People who never forget to look back where they were before they became experts. Lastly, I hope she will keep inspiring more people. More power!

JC Madera

Thank you for your interest!

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Topic One: Branding

  • Know what is branding and discover the importance of branding (for you and your client)
  • Learn what  is a mood board and how to create a branding blueprint.
  • Learn how to create designs that will fit your brand and know why design is important for your brand.

Topic Two: Domains

  • Find out what are domains and the relationship of your domain to your brand?
  • Learn how to choose a domain for your brand and business.
  • Know where to get a domain and how much it usually cost.

Topic Three: Hosting

  • Know what is a hosting service and learn how to select your hosting service for your site.
  • Discover how to connect your domain to your hosting service.

Topic One:

  • Learn what is and what is the difference between FREE and PAID Wix.
  • Know how to connect your domain to and choose a plan for your website that suits your business.
  • Discover how to create a website in


Topic Two:

  • Learn what is
  • Know how to connect your domain to and choose a plan for your website that suits your business.
  • Discover how to create a website in

Topic One: The Basics of WordPress

  • Learn what is WordPress.
  • Know what is the difference between vs.
  • Discover how to sign-up to wordpress for an account.
  • Know how to connect your domain and hosting service to wordpress.

Topic Two: WordPress Themes

  • Learn what are wordpress themes and find out what is the difference between a free and paid theme.
  • Know what are the popular themes used for: blogs, landing pages, resume/profile pages and other sites.
  • Discover how to add a theme to your wordpress site

Topic Three: WordPress Plugins

  • Learn what are wordpress plugins and find out what is the difference between a free and a paid plugin.
  • Know what are the popular plugins used today.

Topic Four: The Basics of Building your Website

  • Learn what are pages vs. posts.
  • Learn how to setup a menu
  • Learn how to setup a footer
  • Learn what are widgets
  • Discover how to access your media files
  • Know more about Page Builders and how to use them
  • Create a basic site sample

(Payment Plan: Two Payments of Php 2,750.00)

Thank you for your interest!

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Awesome Program Bonuses

  • Workable On-boarding Client Templates including service agreements, list of services, confidentiality agreement that you can use for your business. These documents will give your client confidence in your services and adds legitimacy to your biz.
  • Social Media Basic Guide so you can start your online presence correctly and reach your ideal clients and convert them to paying clients.
  • Two hour one-on-one coaching call with me that you can schedule at your own convenience within the length of the program.
  • Unlimited access to me thru chat and email and we can talk about anything and everything and answer any questions you may have about online work.

My Answers to your Questions:

  • How long is the program?
    The whole program is 12 weeks. However, you will have access to the program forever so you can take it at your own pace.
  • What is the program schedule?
    The Zero To Hero Online Program will be available soon so watch out for further announcements. 
  • Is there a face-to-face lesson?
    Everything is online where I will send you the link to the materials via email.
  • How much is the course?
    The course has 2 payment options - the full payment is Php 5,000 or you can also avail of the payment plan of two payments of Php 2,750. Whatever payment option you choose, once you pay, I will be sending you the Orientation PDF.
  • When will the course start?
    The course will start soon so watch out for announcements. 
  • Is there a money-back guarantee?
    There is no money back guarantee. Yes, this is tough love on my part as this is the only program out there that offers all of these at this price point. 🙂 
  • What happens after the program?
    After the program, you will still have access to all of the materials. Once you have completed a website, I will also be giving you a testimonial regarding your work output. This testimonial can be in written form or video or audio depending on what you need for your brand. 

(Payment Plan: Two Payments of Php 2,750.00)

Thank you for your interest!

Enter your name and email address to get notified once the course opens.

She's the perfect guru for a Virtuoso VA! She has been so helpful and instrumental in boozing my self confidence. Through her course I have been equipped with knowledge so to ensure I am ready to tackle any job related to VA. As it says on her page, she may be remotely located but her services are personal! It is so indeed in my case. Thank you Coach Rea for giving us wings to fly.

Virginia B. Aresta-Shirodkar

Miss Rea is a great coach. Her modules are so educational from the start I have learned a lot. I immediately got a client after promoting my skills that I got from her. Two thumbs up for being generous to all of her students.

Jhen Caneta

Hi Virtuoso!

I know... I know...I have been there too. If you are reading this, you are still on the fence of enrolling in this program. And I don't blame you. My program does not offer the promise that you can earn a lot of money in a short amount of time or maybe you are thinking that I am one of those people out there that would just like to "sell" their courses and not give quality content.

I'M NOT LIKE THAT! I created this course with one intention in mind, to share all of the cool stuff that I had the privilege of learning in the online jobs industry. My goal is to teach you how to have a sustainable income thru online work. No frills. No sugar coating. I promise that once you sign up for this program, you will learn additional skills - skills that you can use to provide better service to your existing clients or skills that you can offer to new clients.

By checking my page, it means you are ready to take the next step to success. Let me help you go a little bit further and takes leaps and bounds so you can have a fruitful online freelancing career.

If you have additional questions about the program, feel free to message me in Facebook or send me an email at 


I look forward to hearing from you,